Self Compacting Concrete


  • Easy to apply with neater results.
  • Saves material use with optimal coverage area
  • Does not contain materials that are corrosive and harmful to the environment.
  • Faster to apply and high strength
  • Ready to use with the addition of water according to the following instructions.


  • Add water into a cleaned bucket / pail.

  • Pour Powerbond THIN BED MORTAR (PRO-889) powder into bucket.

  • Stir with a stir mixture / electronic stinner until it is blended well and good consistency obtained.

  • Then pour component 2 into the mortar (PRO-380) Powerbond Self Compacting Concrete container.

  • Apply Powerbond PRO-380 in the concrete area that you want to repair by pouring it into the repaired concrete and it will flow.